How I’m Handling this Semester

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Too Many Selfies – Meme

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Rapper T.I. On Acting

When Ice Cube, Tupac, and Ice-T were taking over 80s and 90s music and film, Atlanta boy Clifford Harris could have only imagined what life would be like with that same multifaceted success in the entertainment industry. And yet today, albums aplenty under “T.I.” and movie roles under “Tip Harris,” youngsters aspire for his same…

Lisa Azcona’s World

Kage Taylor interviews an entertainment junkie on what’s in store for her future.

Audio Reel

Snippets of television voiceovers, live radio interviews, and podcasts by Kathryn Jones  

Softball Captain Talks Motivation, Perfectionism

Washington Square News Softball captain and Gallatin junior Kahala Bonsignore does not need a Buzzfeed quiz to tell her she most resembles Monica Geller from Friends. Bonsignore admitted to relating to Monica’s obsession with perfection — the quality that nearly convinced her to end her softball career. But with the help of her coaches, Bonsignore…

Baseball Coach Shares His Past

Washington Square News The life of baseball Head Coach Doug Kimbler has never strayed far from the baseball diamond, whether playing as shortstop for the College of Saint Rose or growing up in a military base in Plattsburgh, New York. Now, as the baseball team enters NCAA Division III for the first time in over…

9 Reasons Why You Eat Like a Millennial

GENYU 1. You tell your friends you know how to cook but in reality, you can only make the simple stuff Read more:  

I’m Sorry, the Person You Are Trying to Reach is Unavailable

CooperSquared Catch me in my off hours, and you will find me logged onto “The Facebook.” No, it is not “Facebook.” It is The Facebook. Do not ask me why I always refer to it with a preceding article. It is habit my friends and family mock me for. Read more:

Who Is AJ Smith? Indie Pop Rock artist, AJ Smith, balances homework and a social life while struggling to make it in the music business within the next year after opening for the Eagles.

SRFC Magazine  Originally appeared on Page 30 of SRFC Magazine The sound check is complete. The instruments are on stage. The lighting engineer is ready and waiting for his cue. Fans cover most the dark and muggy space in The Studio at Webster Hall, waiting in anticipation. The packed room gets hellish as fans crowd…

Loving Labels, Refusing to Be Labeled

SRFC Magazine  Originally appeared on Page 39 of SRFC Magazine 22-year old David Lew Qingwei identifies as heterosexual male. He plays rugby and video games. He is lead guitarist in a band. He served as a soldier and firefighter. He makes frequent trips to the gym. Qingwei possesses all the characteristics of a typical straight…

For a Young Comedian, It’s All About Making It Up As You Go

CooperSquared   For improv comedians like Allie Kokesh, it takes only seconds to come up with a joke. However, any zinger Kokesh thinks of can become irrelevant just as fast if one of her teammates changes the direction of the scene.   Read more:

College Republican Keeps Political Plans in Flight with Right-Wings

CooperSquared   The 21-year-old vice president of New York University’s College Republicans balances right-winged views with the liberalism and opportunities of New York City.   Read more: