Rule #1 Of Being My Friend

Video-editing: Honestly, don't even think about touching my food. 🍔🥞🍟🍗🍝🍣🌭🌯🌮🍪🍩💘✨ A post shared by Seventeen (@seventeen) on Feb 1, 2017 at 1:00pm PST

Audio Reel

Snippets of television voiceovers, live radio interviews, and podcasts by Kathryn Jones  

Fitting It All In: The Secrets of Superwomen

SRFC Magazine  Originally appeared on Page 42 of SRFC Magazine When it comes to relationships, your life is like a suitcase. It’s full of the necessities (budding career, decent social circle, moola, etc.) And you can’t possibly fit any more clothes in and adding anything else will just be extra weight on you. Yet, you…

Loving Labels, Refusing to Be Labeled

SRFC Magazine  Originally appeared on Page 39 of SRFC Magazine 22-year old David Lew Qingwei identifies as heterosexual male. He plays rugby and video games. He is lead guitarist in a band. He served as a soldier and firefighter. He makes frequent trips to the gym. Qingwei possesses all the characteristics of a typical straight…