Michael Bennett Says NFL Needs to Join the BLM Conversation and More

The Seattle Seahawks are training for the upcoming season of the National Football League. And as the players conditioned and strengthened their plays at Saturday’s [July 30] practice, Michael Bennett felt the NFL players were still weak in one area—social action.

Sandy Hook Elementary Prepares to Reopen After 2012 Mass Shooting

Sandy Hook Elementary School continues to adjust to life after December 14, 2012, when a gunman opened fire and took the lives of 26 young students and faculty members, a tragedy that puts President Barack Obama in tears, and an event that closed the school for almost four years. Today [Saturday, July 30], school administrators gave an exclusive peek at the site before the Connecticut primary school reopens in August, via the New York Times.

The Zika News You Didn’t Want to Hear

The Florida Department of Health suggests local mosquitoes caused four cases of the Zika virus in the state recently, combating the thought the virus can only be transmitted when outside of mainland United States.

Anchoring NYU Tonight

As co-anchor, KJ reported on breaking news events happening around the country and world. – NYU Tonight

Audio Reel

Snippets of television voiceovers, live radio interviews, and podcasts by Kathryn Jones  

Obama Gives Hope to Working Families In Motor City

“Dear President Obama, I am 13 years old and I am worried about my family’s future in Michigan,” the daughter of a laid-off worker within the automobile industry wrote six years ago. The now-19-year-old and her employed father joined President Barack Obama during his address on enabling a successful economy for working families. – VIBE…

Obama Becomes First Sitting President to Go Inside a Federal Prison

President Barack Obama told the NAACP that he wanted to reform the American prison system (July 14). In an effort to become more knowledgeable of the conditions, he entered the enclosed space reserved for the nation’s convicts (July 16). No other sitting president has ever set foot in a federal prison.

– VIBE Magazine