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Lisa Azcona’s World

Kage Taylor interviews an entertainment junkie on what’s in store for her future.

Audio Reel

Snippets of television voiceovers, live radio interviews, and podcasts by Kathryn Jones  

Trans In Media

She never intended to be an activist, LaLa Zanell told a crowd of people at the LGBT Center in the West Village. But the misrepresentation and underrepresentation of trans people in media drove her and four other media professionals to form a panel discussing “Trans Topics in Media: Where are we now and how can…

A Day In the Life of a New York Fashion Week Blogger

Autumn/winter collections attract millions of fashion lovers into Manhattan every February. These industry influencers capture New York Fashion from angles not yet accessible to the common consumer and have become the go-tos for fashion advice and inspiration. This February, once such fashionista journeyed from Dallas, Texas to partake in a fashion week agenda as jam-packed…