SRFC Magazine

In November 2013, SFRC (pronounced “Surface”) Magazine was founded by Kathryn Jones as a medium written by Generation Y for young adults living in and around New York City. The magazine set out to correct the misconceived notions about adolescents by exposing “what’ s beneath the surface.” It has since developed into a publication expressing youth culture worldwide.

After a month coming up with the idea, Jones debuted the first issue of SRFC in December 2013 for the upcoming January. All content featured in the magazine was produced entirely by Jones – the magazine’s first editor-in-chief.  In addition, Jones took to the tasks of casting models, conducting the photo-shoots, and designing the layouts. She only had three other staff members whose solely aided Jones in copy-editing content.  “The Antithesis Edition,” named after the unique angles of its content, was published on Issuu. Topics covered included nutrition, exercise, style, makeup, sports, relationships, career advice, sexuality, and news.

In March 2014, Jones expanded the magazine with staff members  working nationwide from cities like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Los Angeles, and New Brunswick.


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