Billions of cells, genes, chromosomes…I’m not a scientist but I study life beyond what meets the eye.

I am a journalist by trade, conversationalist by passion. My office drifts backstage at a underground rap concert and burrows into the heart of Soho’s fashion hub. It sits courtside at the first home game of the season and snags top deck on the Staten Island Ferry.

While other kids had learned to not to talk to strangers, I missed the memo. My mind instead flipped through magazines, newscasts, and rolls of film until it was my own conversations with strangers taking flight.

I listen. I listen to what it’s like looking for love divorced and over 40, going from cafeteria rapper to internet sensation, getting your sexuality mislabelled because a hobby, balancing liberal beliefs as a conservative, using military techniques as a baseball coach, experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts while raising a child, getting catcalled up and down Broadway, debunking a stereotype of a “fuckboy,” and so much more.


My work is their stories—written into words, filmed into videos and photographs, spoken into microphones, and designed into graphics and websites. Every piece begins with a “Hi, my name is Kathryn Jones—Kage for short,” and is a welcome into the world As Told By Kathryn.


Kage (Yes, a nickname for KJ which itself is a nickname—but that’s a whole nother story)


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